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Wednesday, January 26, 2011 Posted by Sangram Nandkhile

IRIS Business Services Ltd Placement Paper Pattern - Latest IRIS Business Placement Papers- IRIS Business Pattern- 2011

Hi guys,

today i am going to post about the IRIS Business services LTD, situated at Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

It is the company for which i work and the company where I started my professional life. :-)

I am extremely happy and proud to be a part of IRIS family.
IRIS Work environment is awesome and technical experience you will get here will be better than any BIG MNC.

Iris will be the great way to start your career because Iris is considered to be the company on the XBRL platform, probably the best in India.

For 2011 batch , package announced is 2.75 LPA (might have changed) which is really nice.

Lets talk about the actual process now !!

Overall Pattern :-

1. Presentation from Iris
2. Aptitude test (quant + verbal + Reasoning)(tough)
3. One Technical cm Hr Interview

Iris is looking for people having good logical skills. So you can expect some logical puzzles in aptitude test or in the interview.

Aptitude test is not easy but no negative marking so you can attempt all the questions.
I am not sure about it, but test contains around 70 Questions and time was 1.5 hours .No HR round as such but take technical round seriously.

I had given the Iris interview in April,2010 and i still remember some of the questions asked last year.

Most important technical interview Questions For Iris Business Services

  1. Write a program for Fibonacci series.
  2. Write a program to swap 2 numbers without using 3 rd variable.
  3. Write a program to find number is Prime or not.
  4. Write a program for matrix transpose.
  5. Write a program for largest number from the set of Numbers(from 3 numbers) .
  6. SQL Query ( you will have to join 3- 4 tables and will have to perform basic operation on the tables to get output like min(),max(),sum() etc)
  7. Features of java.
  8. What is URL and how DNS (domain name server) works ?
  9. client-server architecture.(working)
  10. Basic things about java, byte code, Dot net platform how actually it works.
  11. OOPS concepts
  12. Function pointers
  13. Function overloading vs. Function overriding
  14. call by value and call by reference.
So, all the Best guys.
Hope to see you at IRIS Business after your B.E. :-)

Post your Queries in comment section below.

  1. do iris expect php, ajax, asp/jsp like web designing languages in technical round?

  2. No,
    They will just ask about simple oops concept.
    php,ajax is not expected.

    java, dot net,sql queries ,such questions can be asked.
    Good Luck !!

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