GE Placement pattern -My Review

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 Posted by Sangram Nandkhile

GE Placement pattern 2011-My Review

My review on GE Placement pattern

Hi Guys,
Just came to know that GE is conducting placement drive (Once again.. :-) this year..
Its on 14 th May 2011 at Andheri,St. Arnold High school.

Last year even i had attended the GE Campus drive..

About GE
GE is an advanced technology, services and finance company taking on the world's toughest challenges. Dedicated to innovation in energy, health, transportation and infrastructure, GE operates in more than 100 countries and employs about 300,000 people worldwide. {as per the GE site ;-) }

JOB Profile
Gradate Engineer Trainee/Software Engineer/Lead
Software Engineer/QA Engineer

Candidates profile

Excellent communications skills,clear analytical thinking, penchant for problem solving, thirst forknowledge coupled with high learnability, capable of working under minimal supervision, must be a graduate in any discipline and should have a good understanding of OO concepts coupled with experience in.Net, C++ and Testing

GE Package offered

Its 5.00 LPA
( Its awesome,but actually they are only looking for cream layer of students )

I would like you tell you about last year's over all process. (i.e.2010)

Quick things you should know before appearing for GE aptitude test

1.Its not at all easy..
If you think you will just go there for time pass and somehow you will try to clear ..
If you are just trying your LUCK ...Sorry guys its not for u.

Even if u crack it with luck,there are around 6 More Technical based rounds waiting for you.

2.Anybody can come ..
There was no criteria last year(and even before that) so half of the Mumbai,Thane,Navi Mumbai will come to give the exam and you will find yourself sitting on the bench where 3 students will be sharing 1 small bench and you can easily see what your neighbor is writing.. :-)

3.Its all about technical ..

Your test will be divided into following 3 major parts.

Technical 70%
Verbal 15%
Aptitude 15%
(its just a guess,i don't remember the exact no. of questions)

Even if you are good in verbal and aptitude..its not gonna help you..
So,those who are not good with programing knowledge, please don't waste your time here.

4.Difficult for NON computer/IT
If you are non computer IT student,its gonna be very difficult for you.Comp/IT students have some kwolegde about C++,java,J2EE,SQL,.Net but there will be no different paper for you and them.

I remember there were around 15-20 questions on C,C++
15 questions in java
15 about .net
few Questions on the database concepts(sql,ACID property,Views,scheduler etc).

5.After clearing Aptitude test:
If you manage to clear the aptitude test (You are either very LUCKY or very intelligent),there would be series of Online tests,Interviews waiting for you.

I.You will get mail from GE that you have cleared the test ,along with the mail you will find list of programmes that you need to Write,built and Run and need to send them back within 3 days in any technical language (code must run without giving any error..) else your application will be eliminated.

II.If you clear it they will call u at GE (pawai) office and will tell you to write and run the codes on the GE's system.

III.There will be 2-3 technical interviews with different people where your all basic knowledge will be tested (oops n all ) (you can get eliminated in any round)

IV.Last round is HR round where they ask you about you,what you do and PROJECT...

I did not get much information about the later rounds as very few people managed clear the aptitude test and first 2-3 rounds.

Summery :-

So,its my sincere request to all my friends. if you think you are not good in technical,please don't go and waste your time...even if you are ,read this again,Think twice and then decide.

Those who think they are good in technical skills , should go and please do not forget to comment on this post.
Send me your Reviews and feedback in the comment area or

All the best,

Sangram Nandkhile.


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