Mastek Aptitude test Paper Pattern - Latest Mastek Placement Papers- Mastek Pattern- 2011-2012

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 Posted by Sangram Nandkhile

Mastek Aptitude test Paper Pattern - 
Latest Mastek Placement Papers- 
Mastek Interview Pattern- 2011-2012

Hi guys,

Mastek can be great company to start your career but getting into mastek is difficult task freshers.I had tried for Mastek in last year in July 2010.

Let me tell you the overall pattern first.

Mastek Placement Drive Pattern:

i. Technical (70%)+ Aptitude test(30%)
ii. Technical Interview
iii.HR Interview

Technical + Aptitude test
Mastek always needs some good technical oriented brains (unlike Infosys ) its but obvious for us to understand they are mainly focusing on the Technical part:
Major part was technical , i would say around (70% questions ) and 30 %  part was  aptitude test.

Every question has 4 or 5 options:
Technical part was on c,c++.
They give small snippets of codes of c,c++ and we need to find the Output of the code or to decide which is the right code from all the 4 options.  

Even if they don't mention but there will be sectional cut off.

You can expect questions on:
  • call by value
  • Call by reference
  • Inheritance
  • Loops with iteration over 100 loops( to find the outputs)
  • other OOPS concept
Please Google It for such questions..

Aptitude test was easy..please check Links shared at the end of the Post  for aptitude test.

Hope this will help you all in understanding the mastek placement pattern. 
I will be posting the questions similar  to mastek  in the next article.

All the best.


Mastek placement papers 2011 , 
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