Infosys Aptitude Test Paper 2010,January 5 In Mumbai

Saturday, June 26, 2010 Posted by Sangram Nandkhile

Infosys Aptitude Test Paper@ Terna Engineering College
Date: January 5, 2010

Quantitative analysis Test
Questions : 30 Marks: 30 Time: 30 minits

I have compiled this paper on basis of the question paper which I have attempted in my college.
I think Similar pattern will be followed by Infosys placement committee for MUMBAI region for the remaining colleges. Same pattern was there at Father Agnels , Vashi.
I guess..Question were similar to the CAT questions
Please try to do similar problems which I have mentioned here and you will be benefited.

Refer: R.S. Aggarwal & (Shakuntala Devi puzzles were not asked )

General Instructions:
1. Generally 4 options, but in some problems 5 options were there.
2. We need to encircle as well as write the option in answer sheet.
3. Time management is necessary otherwise you will miss some questions.(like i did)  :-)
4.Rough paper is provided , use it rather than using question paper.

Question No 1-5 : 4 options for each question Each Q: 1 Mark
Consider Block of 7 × 6 ×5 meters .Cut small block of 1×1×1 meter from it.
Condtions : Both 7X6 will be painted by RED color.
Both 7×5 will be by Yellow and violet color respectively.
Both 6×5 will be by green and pink respectively.
Q.1 Find No blocks having No color.
Q.2 Blocks having combination of RED and Violet color.
Q.3 Blocks with painted 2 sides.
Q.4 Blocks with 3 painted sides.
And 1 more Q. like above Questions.
Hint From my side: Drawing this block on the rough paper will make the problem easy.
Time consuming question.

Question No 6-10:
5 Figures were given. Select the figure which is different from other 4 figures.
i.e. Find odd man out.
Hint: out of 5 questions 3 were simple and 2 were quite difficult .Try to look at figures with different approaches to find different figure. Can not give you examples.
Easy and saves time which can be used for other problems.

Question No 11-15 :
Statements 1 and 2 are given along with the one problem. We need to check whether problem can be solved or cannot be solved on the basis of 2 statements.
Hint : Tricky one. You need to devote maximum time for it.
Option 1: problem can be solved only on basis of statement 1.
2: Problem can be solved only on the basis of statement 2.
3: problem can be solved only on basis of both statements.
4 : problem cannot be solved on the basis of any of the statements.
Q. a,b,c are 3 no. having average 26. Find their values.
Statement 1: a,b,c <> 22

Question No 16-20: Data interpretation. Table was given .We need to fill the table and manipulate things according to the conditions given.
4 options for each question Each 1 Marks

Hint: Values highlighted were not given .you need to find those values and fast manipulation is reqiured needed to solve such questions.
Eg. Q. What is the ratio of yellow cubes to Green Cuboids?
Q. If All Red cuboids are painted by Green color then find the Ratio of total no. red objects to the green objects. Etc.

Question No 21-25:
Statements A-E are given. Their relation must be considered. According to question correct option must be marked.
HINT: In my paper questions was on the base of 3 companies A,B,C . It was about their growth rate , Profit, Loss etc.Eg.
Q. Which of the option is related with profit of the various firms ?
1.ACD 2.ADE 3.BCD 4. CDE

Question No. 26-30:
Ram , shyam, victor, ali, guru are 5 friends standing in the random order.
Ram is taller than shyam.
Victor is not the shortest guy.
Ali is not as tall as Guru.
Q. Who is tallest among all 5 friends?
HINT: I cannot recollect all the conditions. Easy to solve. Worth solving question.

  1. this is really a nice page with wonderful links on it thanks for sharing it with us. I recently found this site is really cool it has a huge database of questions

  2. Thanx !!!!....its just small effort from my side I hope it will really help some of us..would be a great pleasure...

    some of such sites..the question papers on them are not genuine..they just create them to increase no of papers and users..

    Papers shared with some experience would be real and genuine..

    good luck !!

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  4. RS Agarwal(Verbal and Non-Verbal)has all types of question that Sangram provides to you
    Good Luck to All

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