L & T Placement Paper - Self Experience -2011

Monday, January 10, 2011 Posted by Sangram Nandkhile

L & T Placement Paper - Self Experience -2011-Latest L & T Placement Papers - Mumbai

Hi Guys,
Reading experiences of various people will be very useful and motivational for you.
This is experience of Rakesh Sinha who was selected in L & T, in His words,..

Hi frnds..
I have attended L&T INFOTECH on 9/10/10 at SRM UNIVERSITY. let me discuss the questions which I could remember. One thing guys they never changed the question pattern and even questions too for the past 5 years.
There are 3 colors of question paper. YELLOW, PINK, WHITE, For me it was WHITE. Now going to the question paper.

There are 3 Sections in L & T Placement Paper:
1. Apps
2. Logical and Reasoning
3. Verbal Ability
APPS Section 1 :
1. If the num 4573 is sub by the least num, then the remainder will be a perfect square
Ans : 84
2. ((7-x/2)+(x-5/7))=x-5/5 find X?
friends the data in the above questions is not same as in question paper. but the
Ans : 11
3. Two problems on A.P
5. Find the sum 72, 70, 68,66,………………….40?
6. There is a problem on shadow and elevation.
Ans : 60 DEG. [L & T Placement Paper
7. Matrix 3*3 given. Find the determent.
Ans : 0
8. One more problem on MATRIX.
9. The thief is escaped from the police and starts running by 7pm @ 5kmph. the police started chasing the thief by 10pm @ 7kmph. at what time the police will catch the thief.
10. Divya walking 10mint late than usual time which is 9/8th of her usual time. what is the usual time that divya walk to her home which will take 50mint to reach her home.
11 to 15 : They have given a pie chart . shanu earning 50000 per month were 20000 went for saving in 2005. his expenditure on ELECTRICITY IS 25%, PETROL 25%, FOOD & MEDICINE 48%, OTHERS 2% (NOTE : the data given in the question is only different but the question is same)
i) What’s the ratio against electricity & others
ii) There is increase of 25% in petrol expenses than in 2004. so what’s the amount spent on petrol in 2004?
iii) Remaining based on proportion and ratio.
16. In a ratio of 3:1 sand and cement of one tone is packed. how many kilo of cement or sand to be added to bring it a proportion of 3:2?
17. Pipe A & B takes 14 and 5 min to fill a tank. if pipe A is opened after 3 mint of pipe B opend? what time pipe A & B ll take to fill tank? only this question i remember. [L & T Placement Papers
1. There are 2 to 3 question based on fig about how many straight lines in the figure. guys you can get the answer if you look the pix clearly and in relax mood.
4. Blood relation question ANS : GRAND SON.
5. Statement and conclusion 3 ques.
eg. In a world, all Chinese are musicians, all Russians were British. all Russians love music.
9. Syllogism 4 ques.
14. They given a three symbols which intersect each other. like circle rectangle and triangle which denotes artist, doctor, engineer. it very very easy once we look the diagram carefully we can attend 4 question in no matter of time.

VERBAL ABILITY SECTION 3 : L & T Placement Paper
1 to 4: Reading passage. guys its really dead easy. just go through the passage and you can answer all the question of it.
5 to 10 : error correction
11. to 14 : synonyms
in my batch around 4000 only 50 got selected for 2nd round.
Round 2:
Friends I have cleared in g.d .. where thy looking for leadership skills, giving chance to others, and making ur points simple and crisp. only 30 got selected in this round.
Round 3 : HR
Just simple HR.. Simple question and normal one. Finally i GOT SELECTED

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