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Friday, February 11, 2011 Posted by Sangram Nandkhile

Latest Amdocs Paper Pattern | test aptitude Paper & Amdocs Aptitude Papers reviews.

There are 2 main sections in the Amdocs written test.

1. Aptitude (Amdocs Aptitude Papers)
2. Technical (Amdocs Aptitude tests)
Aptitude Section consist of following parts.

A) Amdocs asks analytical quest, - 20 quest in 25 mins

B) Amdocs's Speed test - 20 quest in 15 mins. (it consists of pattern matching to analyse your adaptability to computer screen. This is easiest & most scoring section.)

C) Amdocs questions include Logical Reasoning - 15 quest in 20 mins

D) Amdocs Placement Pattern Includes Reading Comprehension based on a technical subject - 6 quest in 10 mins (This Section is easy provided ur basics are clear. U need to be little speedy.)

Amdocs Technical Test (3 section)

A) C/C++/JAVA ..U can choose one of them
B) Unix [ Aptitude tests Papersof Amdocs]
C) SQL[ Amdocs Aptitude tests Papers ]

Its a most tricky part. U need to be thorough in concepts. Time is enough but provided u know & understand properly. It is of approximately 1 Hour equally

In case of Online Test Sectional time limits are there. But in case of Paper-Pencil test no Time limits.

There is sectional cut-offs in technical & Aptitude . but no sub-sectional cut offs !!

Attempt all questions , I don't think there is negative marking. And even if negative marking is there, be bold & attempt all ... after all Only those wins, who dares !!!

After clearing Written there was Interview.

1) AmdocsTechnical Round:

Be prepared with your project. I was asked abt JDBC-ODBC,Servlets,RMI,Hash-map class' difference. Also about SQL query,program about palindrome,etc. for [ Aptitude tests Papers.

Interviewers are very friendly & supporting. Also asked me about my city, Hobby,etc. .
I replied everything about it. They try to check ur level of logic,thinking power & ability to adopt situation in this round.

I cleared technical round & then filled a form.

2) Amdocs HR round :

I was pretty relaxed about this round conducted by Amdocs.

But as it was a long day for me & i was in office for more than 5 hours, i wished good afternoon to Amdocs HR interviewer.As She knew situation , she smiled & said its good evening !! Then normal HR questions like intro,family background,strength,weakness,achievements,ready to relocate & work in shifts,etc.
Also questions about hobby,college life activities, future study plans, have u been selected elsewhere ,etc
Be honest & be yourself. That's enough for this round. Be clear about ur resume. The key to succeed in interview is 3 "C"s - cool, calm, confident & amdocs job will be yours.

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