HCL campus selection procedure January 2011 Mumbai,Bengaluru HCL Placement Paper Pattern

Saturday, April 30, 2011 Posted by Sangram Nandkhile

HCL campus selection procedure January 2011-HCL Placement Paper Pattern - Latest HCL Placement Papers- HCL Placement Pattern- 2011-2012

The selection procedure of HCL is in two stages

1. Written test( Aptitude + Technical)
2. Interview( HR + Tech)

The written test had 4 modules:

1. English 25 questions in 25 minutes
2. Quantitative ability 25 questions in 35 minutes
3. Technical ability 25 questions in 35 minutes
4. Logical ability 25 questions in 30 minutes

Written Test

English contained grammar (sentence correction, word substitution by another word, 2 R C passages and 4 questions based on each.)

Quantitative contained percentages, allegations, logarithms, speed- distances, profit loss and other basic quantitative topics. It was a standard paper of quantitative and do practice well these topics to have a minimum cut-off in this section. I had a good command on quantitative so I could easily sail through it. All you need is understanding and practice of these mentioned topics.

Technical contained basics of C language and basics of data structures.
You need to just revise the main topics of DS and C and have just a introductory understanding of every topic. Despite of being a ECE chap I could solve 18 questions confidently out of 15.

The best thing about technical is that you can quickly solve them if you know the answers like one question: Why we use indentation in programming? the obvious answer is to improve the readability of the program.

These kind of simple questions are also there so never loose hope by seeing big programmes in the starting. If you have a basic exposure of programming and computer you can crack its cut-off.
Last is the logical.
It had logical questions: Topics were coding decoding, puzzle, directions, inferences etc.


HCL is a company which works on it's well established visions and morals and the HR like those people who believe in high morals like transparency and employee first cutomer second.they are very proud people working in such a reputed company so please take care of this during presentation and interview. Do ask questions during presentation about the vision of HCL that will show your interest in the company like HCL which is really worth taking interest.

There were 7 panels for the interviews. and all were asking and judging the candidates in their own manner, some were asking only technical questions of c,while some were HR based.
But do understand that the interview of HCL is primarily HR based as your technical competency is already judged. If they ask you a tough program then simply show them your never dying attidtude towards the problem and keep on trying with basic logics. They will respect your attempt and you will get benifited for this. Don't start saying that you are not from CS branch and you don't know programming.

My interview was totally HR based. He judged my fluency, body language and presence of mind by judging my observation skills. He asked me to name all the things in the room without looking. I could name almost all of them.

The package was 3.25 LPA.
Bond period of 18 months.

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