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Friday, April 8, 2011 Posted by Sangram Nandkhile

Latest Amdocs Paper Pattern – Latest Amdocs Paper – Amdocs Aptitude Papers-Amdocs Placement Paper - 2011
Have a look at Amodocs Placement paper pattern. Amodocs tests are not that tough & no that easy too. Amodcs Aptitude test followed by a crucial Technical & General Interview will test the candidates knowledge & logic.
No of STUDENTS who cleared the test of Amdocs :

1) Aptitude test (General + Technical) = 120
2) Technical Interview= 25
3) HR Interview= 10 (final selection )

The Amdocs recruitment process consists of the following rounds:
1) Aptitude test (General + Technical)
2) Technical Interview
3) HR Interview

Amdocs Criteria : 60% +

latest Amdocs placement & Aptitude Test

The duration of the test is approximately 110 min. It was an online test. There were a total of 95 questions to attempt.

There is 60% sectional cut-off for both sections.that is what i heard but i dont think that they follow it strictly as i wont have got depends on the performance of ur batch.
every right ans has +1mark and wrong ans has -0.25 marks. so be careful if u don't know leave the question.

test paper has many sets.

The aptitude test comprises mainly of two sections:
1) General Aptitude Test-contains 3 subsection by Amdocs
2) Technical Test-contains 3 subsection

General Aptitude test
The general aptitude test consisted of the following sub-sections:
1) Quantitative Ability 20 ques(25 min)
-toughest part of the test as time is very less.questions were not so easy.i was able to do only 11 ques.trick(when u press submit time stops and ask for confirmation if u press cancel u will be brought back to question page)try this at ur own risk as they might rectify this fault.
3 ques on set theory(venn diagram) not so easy prepare set theory thoroughly from R.S Agarwal.
2 ques on clock-damn easy took 1 min to get the ans.
next 5 ques was very easy.-no prep required
5 ques were like $ represents 1 and 0 represents * then 4 is represented as $**.some common arithmetic were given u hv to calculate result and just have to convert the no in binary.time consuming.
i forgot other ques but they where not so easy u hv to prepare R.S Aggarwal thoroughly.

2) Comprehension (15 min)
-damn passage was on connecting computer. I even dont hv to read the passage as i know 8 ans out of took me 7 min in total to find remaining 2 ans and crosscheck my ans with the passage.

3) 15 easy questions (15 min) on substitution ques like + is *,* is -etc, pattern matching, reasoning. it will take no more than 12 min.

latest Amdocs placement pattern.

Technical Test
The Amdocs technical test includes three sub-sections:
- SQL (15 min)
- UNIX (15 min)
- Language (15 min) (Here you can choose between C, C++ or Java)
I chose C for the language test.

1) C
ques were very easy if u know even a little bit of c u will be able to do 15-16 ques. 20ques(25 min)-ample time.
a)int a=10;
b=a++ + ++a;
b)what is the function used to read n write a specified no of line from file?

2) SQL (15 ques,15 min)
-very tough only one who is very comfortable with SQL can answer.
ex-what is truncate?some tables were given output is given u have to select a query that generates that o/p.
two three ques i even didn't understand
u hv to go through IVAN BAYROSS to clear this sec

3) Unix (15 min)
he UNIX section comprised of 15 questions mostly on unix commands.
Some of the questions were as follows:

1) Which command would you use to change the priority of a running process?
a) nice b) ps c) top d) ls
Ans: a) nice

2) Which command is used to display the output of a command as well as store it in a file ?
a) cat b) grep c) tee d) top
Ans: c) tee

3)which command is used to go to end of line in vi editor?
a)a b)A c)e d)E

4)what is the extension of main memory in hard disk is called?
ans-swap space
like this easy ques where there on unix.if u r bit familiar with unix u can clear it but u have to remember commands with their options.
i use to work on linux so i cleared this section with ease.

2) latest Amdocs Technical Interview
My technical interview is of about 60 minutes. it seems to be long but when u r inside u never feel it and u just hv to ans patiently as ques are very easy n bit tricky. A good knowledge of SQL and C is a must. U must know at least the basics command of unix otherwise u will be rejected.they will just ask u to write 10 commands of unix and they will ask ques on those 10 commands only.

Well my first question was are u very tired?
Then hobbies
Ur fav subject-i told OS n C.
Then they asked me about semaphore,write code for it, explain give a practical ex where u will implement semaphore?done with this easily
Then they asked deadlock-i answered Papers of Amdocs
Relation between semaphore n deadlock. i was not able to ans properly.they were not satisfied with my ans this time.
ask me about projects if i hv done any.i said i hv made a small site on asp.then they asked its functionality, ADO database connection etc of which i answered half of questions properly.

an int data type of 1 byte.
int x=0;
what is o/p.
I answered wrong. o/p will be an infinite loop, he helped me to ans this. its given in kanetkar find out how.

Then they got into sql (my weak part and they recognize it). asked ordering of group by, having, order by in a query ? how they are executed in memory and then i was not able to ans any ques on this.

Then they asked views, how they are updated etc.
I was lucky as i know views properly i answered max question this time.

then they come to unix. they asked me ever have u used a platform similar to Unix. as i work on fedora 8 it was my strong part. Aptitude  test  Papers of Amdocs
asked me to write 10 commands. easily done.
Asked some questions on groff, troff, ifconfig, ps, jobs, kill, killall commands. I answered all of them easily, they were little impressed for the first time. satisfied with my unix knowledge again move to C.
this time very simple ques. what is pointer, how u allocate memory to them etc.
then they asked me are u doing any project for be?.
I said yes told them about my project as i hv already decided the project, it is related to networking.
They asked me about router,bridge,http packet, how packet got transfers from one pc to another?
I answered all this very efficiently as i hv some idea about networking.
Finally they said do u have any ques to ask? i asked what should i do to improve myself technically?
They said go through as many courses as u can n improve ur database knowledge specially queries, rest is fine. Amdocs  Aptitude Papers Answers

3) HR interview
Don't take it lightly as it is equally prepared with general hr questions.then only u can get through it.ques were very general like why amdocs, tell me about yourself, weakness, strength, family background,relocation etc.
it was for around 20 min.
I was selected in Amdocs at the end.

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