Infosys Campus Placement Pattern

Friday, July 2, 2010 Posted by Sangram Nandkhile

Infosys Campus Placement Pattern

Pattern Followed in 2010 and for previous papers.

TEST 1.Quantitative aptitude test 30 marks 30 Minutes

TEST 2.Verbal test 40marks 35 Minutes

HR interview 15-20 minutes approx

NO Group Discussion (huh...sigh of relief ..)


I. Aptitude test :

Bit tough. Refer Aggrawal and previous paper patterns.

They have large database of questions, so most probably questions will not repeat.

2 Sections

Section 1: Aptitude test

Please Refer HERE.

Sections 2: Verbal test (English)

Pattern keeps on changing. Still 3 passages, antonyms, Synonyms etc

You have to have good vocabulary For VERBAL section.

Refer WORDS LIST which I have posted HERE.

REMEMBER the golden Rule:

If you have cleared aptitude test ,you will be selected for sure

Unless and until…...


A. Grammatical mistakes (Infy is always looking for fluent English Speakers ..actually they want their Employees to have every good Quality in this World.. :D)

B. Absurd Behavior (Don’t get excited !! Wear smile !! Talk slowly.)

C. Negative answers (One of my friend told HR that he is kind of Lazy person. He was rejected for that reason. Bad luck !!)


II. HR interview

Final and last stage.

95% students who have been selected from aptitude test easily clear this Round.

Easy round

Questions asked:

1.Tell me about Yourself (Name, branch, Marks,Family members and background .ambitions etc )

2.Your Goals (Create good paragraph of 5-6 lines )

3.Your weak points (Very Important Question, You may lose Your Job because of this)

4.Do you want to take higher education ?(Say NO..even if you have given CAT/GRE etc)

Refer Most important Interview Questions I have posted . HERE.



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